A Queen Anne Coat of Arms?

The latest addition to the studio was thought to be a very darkened Queen Anne coat of arms dated sometime between 1702-1707. Almost illegible in its lofty position high above the nave of St Leonard's church in Deal it was removed for conservation together with several hatchments.

However, once down and examined at close quarters under bright light the motto 'Dieu et mon Droit' (God and my right) became evident. Queen Anne reverted to using James I's 1603 arms when she came to the throne, but changed the motto to that used by Queen Elizabeth I ' Semper Eadem' (always the same) so the arms appear to be a century older than initially thought and those of King James.

A bigger surprise was to be found on the reverse with the discovery of a Biblical text dated June 24th 1663. The panel has clearly been cut down in size indicating that a larger screen once existed.

The text appears to includes the earliest recorded of the use of the word init...